While it may not seem like it, the WalkTop Treadmill Desk was born out of a lot of trial and tribulation on the part of our CEO and President, Ron Bettin…. 


The Accident That Changed Everything:


It was March of 2011 when an unexpected tragedy changed Ron’s life. He and his son were enjoying a typical “guys road trip” when they decided to stop at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Centre to rent ATVs for an adventurous excursion. What was meant to be an enjoyable memory turned into a waking nightmare when Ron was in a horrific crash, breaking his neck and both arms.


Lucky to be alive, he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. That very evening he had complex surgery on both his arms and neck, resulting in five vertebrae being permanently fused.






The road to recovery was long and life-changing for Ron. He was incredibly thankful to be alive and took some time to reflect on what was truly important in life. Fueled with a fresh perspective, he decided it was time to take better care of his health and to pursue his true passions. He enrolled in the Executive MBA program at Queen’s University and his new journey officially began.


The WalkTop is Born:


Anyone who has completed graduate studies while holding down a full-time job knows that a healthy work-life balance is difficult to achieve. Ron quickly discovered that sitting for long hours at work/school did not mix well with a serious neck injury. He knew he needed to change his working habits in order to better his health but couldn’t find any current ergonomic desks that fit all of his needs.

In an effort to combat his sedentary lifestyle and resulting neck pain, Ron created a prototype of a desk that attached to his “barely used” treadmill. In excitement and triumph, he told his classmates, Laurel and Devon, that he had created a way to “walk through the MBA.”


Needless to say, the trio fell in love with the idea and immediately saw the potential this product had to integrate movement into any sedentary lifestyle. The WalkTop was born!


Making Movement a Priority:


In a whirlwind of excitement, the goal to bring the WalkTop to life within one year was set. The three put their heads together to deliver the sleek, modern design that you know today: Ron insisted on functionality, Devon insisted on form and Laurel insisted on simplicity.

Within one year, the WalkTop had been sold in almost every state in the US and most provinces in Canada. Today, it remains to be one of the leading walking treadmill desks on the market.


While it began as a way for Ron to cope with his injury, the WalkTop has become a flagship product for his company Fitneff, which focuses on fitness and efficiency by integrating movement into everyday life. In 2019, WalkTop partnered with Dyaco Canada Inc. to bring you more solutions for walking and working in your daily life. As a result, we now offer the SOLE Treadmill Desk as an all-in-one treadmill desk solution, providing you with the full package of a treadmill belt and full-sized desktop. Whether you're looking for something versatile to attach to an existing treadmill or a stand-alone unit with everything included to help you get started, we'll help you get walking and working in no time.


A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous and unhealthy for anyone – neck injury or not. The vision of WalkTop is to bring Americans out of long hours of sitting and into a healthier, better version of themselves – one step at a time.