We offer drop shipping services for all approved dealers. This is a great opportunity offer the WalkTop Treadmill Desk as a product and directly deliver it to your customers. With no inventory or shipping costs, this program helps you to preserve your cash flow while still expanding your product base. The WalkTop can be shipped to customers in the US and Canada. 

Benefits to selling WalkTops:

  1. Valuable Add On: The WalkTop is the perfect item to add on to any treadmill sale.
  2. Great Promotional Item: The WalkTop is easy to promote alongside the sale of a treadmill.
  3. Easy to Manage Inventory: Our drop ship program takes the guessing out of stocking inventory, making it much easier to manage levels and overhead costs.
  4. Opens doors to New Industry: The WalkTop allows you to market to office and anti-sitting industries.

How to get Set-Up:

  1. Apply to Fitneff for a Drop Ship Account:
    Contact walktop@fitneff.com and request the dealer application form.
  2. Take Orders From Customers:
    Once your dealer application form has been approved you can start taking orders. Customers will pay you directly for the WalkTop and you will collect their shipping contact information.
  3. Contact Fitneff to Ship WalkTop:
    Provide Fitneff with details required to deliver the WalkTop directly to your customer.
Fitneff Ship Directly to Customer:
Upon confirmation of payment, Fitneff will ship the WalkTop directly