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What kind of desk do you have in your office space?

Most office workers have a traditional desk both in the home and at their workplace. These desks are simple enough and often have an expansive desktop to fit all of your office needs. But, that being said, they also aren’t very versatile when it comes to office ergonomics, health and wellness. Have you ever considered switching up your desk?

The WalkTop Treadmill Desk allows much more versatility in your workflow and encourages greater movement throughout your day. Trust us, there are many reasons why a treadmill desk is better than a traditional desk.


You Can Walk and Work

Okay, so we thought we’d state the obvious to begin with. Everyday millions of people go to work and sit for hours at a time, contributing to the sedentary lifestyle that has become the norm for our population. But, as we all know, sedentary behaviours are accompanied with a wide range of increased health risks, including Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues, joint pain and even some types of cancer. With the WalkTop, you can walk through your day while completing your work tasks, effectively lowering your risks of disease and symptoms associated with prolonged sitting.

walk and work with the WalkTop Treadmill Desk 

They Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is another symptom that is commonly linked to long hours of sitting. By staying in a seated position, a lot of pressure accumulates on your lower spine, which can be further compounded if you don’t have a seat that offers proper lumbar support. By introducing more walking into your day with a treadmill desk, your body is in an upright position more frequently, releasing that excess pressure. Walking also loosens up your muscles and relieves tension in the shoulders and neck, helping you to feel less stiff and sore by the end of the day. Goodbye back pain!


You Can Use it as a Standing Desk Too

Unlike a traditional desk, a treadmill desk like the WalkTop also provides greater flexibility in positioning throughout the day. For example, if you’re feeling a bit fatigued from walking, the WalkTop can easily be used as a standing desk too! By simply stopping the treadmill belt, you can stand intermittently, still receiving better health benefits than prolonged sitting. 

WalkTop Treadmill Desk as a standing desk


They Increase Your Productivity

It’s a typical conundrum for office workers to feel quite drained in the time right after lunch affectionately referred to as the “midday slump.” Traditional desks do not help with this situation; sitting down staring at a computer screen and trying to remain focused often doesn’t go anywhere. Instead, you feel more tired and less productive. With the WalkTop, you can walk through this rough patch to clear your head and re-energize for the rest of your day, thus leading to increased productivity.


Try swapping out your traditional desk for a WalkTop Treadmill Desk today!

August 24, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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