Top Tips on How to Best Use your Treadmill Desk

Using a treadmill desk regularly can improve your cardiovascular health, joint health, memory and productivity, among other things. Increasing movement throughout your day has been proven time and time again to be vital to your health, and walking while working is a perfect solution to do just that.

With that being said, there are some tips and tricks that are useful to know in order to use a treadmill desk correctly, and that includes the WalkTop. If you’re new to this idea or have just purchased a treadmill desk and are unsure of how to use it, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

The following are our top tips on how best to use a treadmill desk in order to maximize your benefits:


Walking Speed

Using a treadmill desk is not the same as a full-on workout on a treadmill, and that’s okay! It would be pretty difficult to commit to a full running speed while somehow attempting to work on your laptop at the same time.

Treadmill desks are meant to increase your movement through your day, get your circulation going and combat the negative risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle; they are not meant to replace a workout. With that in mind, the optimal treadmill speed while using the WalkTop is at a slow, comfortable walk. This way, you can easily multitask between walking and working, and you also won’t be sweating profusely while you’re in the office.


Frequency of Use

While walking and working is highly beneficial, we don’t recommend walking for the entire day (that may give you some tired achy feet!). In order to reap the full health benefits, we recommend using your treadmill desk for 20 minutes of every hour. With this method, you’re walking for long enough to feel its effects, but you also have enough time in between walking sessions to give your body a break. 

Of course, like anything else, do what’s most comfortable for you! Adjust your time spent walking according to your own abilities and needs.

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Walking Shoes

Finding the right shoe is key when walking in any setting. Keep a pair of high-quality, comfortable running shoes near your treadmill desk set-up so you can easily slip them on any time you decide to walk.

Don’t let tired feet be a deterrent to getting your walking in for the day!

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Practice Makes Perfect

A lot of people think that they won’t be able to type on a laptop while they walk at the same time, but it’s easier than you think! If you can text and walk, you can work and walk.

If you are concerned about your coordination, start by just standing on your treadmill desk and making your set-up as comfortable as possible; adjust your WalkTop to the proper height and inclination to meet your ergonomic needs. From there, start the treadmill at a very slow speed so that you can get used to the motion.

By practicing at very low speeds, the combination of movements will become second nature; you’ll be an expert before you know it!



So there you have it! The quick and easy tips you need to get walking comfortably and efficiently on your treadmill desk today. In other words, walking towards a healthier you can be accomplished in only a few simple steps!

June 01, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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