why you should have a WalkTop Treadmill Desk at the office

The average office worker has a 40-hour work week (at least). That means that they spend 40 hours a week, eight hours a day sitting at a desk (at least). That’s a lot of sitting time!

With more and more research emerging about the dangers of prolonged sitting, the WalkTop Treadmill Desk offers a respite from this sitting time and allows you to walk and work simultaneously. In other words, the WalkTop is the perfect addition to any office space! Check out our top five reasons why the WalkTop is a must-have for the office:


Decreases Your Sitting Time

Let’s start with the obvious: as we already mentioned, the WalkTop can greatly reduce your sitting time. As far as office work goes, a large portion of it must be done at a desk, as we all know. As much as we might like to be walking around more, it doesn’t make sense to take your computer with you on a stroll.

But that’s where the WalkTop comes in! With a spacious desktop, you can be completely comfortable and handsfree while still walking at the same time. By incorporating regular walking into your workflow, you will greatly reduce your risks of health concerns associated with sedentary behaviours, some of which include Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular issues and even premature death.

WalkTop Treadmill Desk Decreases sitting time 

Increases Productivity

Walking has been tied to increased productivity, so of course the office is the perfect place to implement it! Sometimes after sitting for a prolonged period of time, it’s easy to feel stagnant, unfocussed or scattered (I’m sure all office workers are nodding in agreement as they read this). While the usual advice to help this is to go for a quick walk to clear your head, it’s not always possible because of time constraints and workloads.

With the WalkTop Treadmill Desk, you don’t have to take a break from work to get in the movement you need to reset. By walking and working, you release the extra energy you have, get in some much-needed steps and don’t sacrifice your working productivity! 

WalkTop Treadmill Desk increased productivity


Increases Creativity

Similar to productivity, walking has also been linked to increases in creativity. Regular walking can improve your cognitive function, which in turn helps to get your creative juices flowing. A lot of office careers require a great deal of big creative ideas and innovative thinking, like marketing, public relations, graphic design and C-suite positions. By having a WalkTop in the office, employees will be able to enjoy more movement throughout the day, getting that creative edge to have forward-looking ideas.

WalkTop Treadmill Desk increased creativity 

Expansive Desktop

Lots of office set-ups end up having quite a lot of supplies laid out on the desktop for easy access. The WalkTop has an expansive, sturdy desktop so that you can easily fit a laptop, notebook, water bottle, writing utensil, mouse and more. By having access to this kind of space in the office, you can still be effective in your work while getting in valuable movement. 

WalkTop Treadmill Desk Large Desktop


Walking Meetings

Meetings are a commonplace occurrence in an office space and a necessity to be able to collaborate on important issues. That said, it can get a bit tiring having to sit around a conference table for long periods of time, and consequently it’s easy for ideas to feel stale. With a WalkTop in the office (or maybe a few WalkTops!), you can implement walking meetings instead! So even if you feel like it’s too cold (or too hot) outside to walk and meet, indoor walking meetings are totally possible. Plus, with the large desktop, you can still have access to all of the supplies you need to meet effectively, like your laptop or notebook.

Walking Meeting 

Add the WalkTop Treadmill Desk to your office space today!

September 07, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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