July 4th Call to Action – Get America Moving Again!

On this Independence Day, we would like to take the time to thank all of our WalkTop customers across America and the world.   Our company is only a few years old and it feels like we have been working hard for a long time, but this is nothing compared to the 241 years that America has been an independent nation.

This past year we had the privilege to celebrate the 105th birthday of Olive Myhre, who is the grandmother of our President, Ron Bettin.  Olive's positive attitude and work ethic has been an inspiration to all of us and we love her favorite saying: “If you don’t move, you’ll stop”!  These wise words are true for her as she gets up every day with purpose and prepares to do something of value. 

Milestones in Movement

Upon reflection, it is hard to comprehend all the changes that Olive has seen since being born in 1912.  In honor of Independence Day and Olive Myhre, we would like to reflect upon some the milestone in movement for America that have occurred in the last century:

1950 – Jack LaLanne invents the Smith machine for weight training
1950’s – Harrison Cotton Rowing Machine is invented by John Harrison
1963 – Harold Zinkin began mass production of the Universal Gym
1965 – Schwinn introduces the first in-home work-out machine – Deluxe Exerciser Bike
1969 - William Staub invented the first consumer treadmill – Pacemaker 600
1980 – Dick Hartzell invents the Flexband for resistance training
1981 – Repco launches the first air resistance indoor rowers
1983 – Stairmaster 5000 launched by Tri-Tech
1986 – Bowflex invented
1991 – Johnny Goldberg invents the first spin cycle
1995 – Precor introduces the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer
1999 – Dr. Levine invents the first treadmill desk
2015 – Fitneff invents the WalkTop Desk that fits most treadmills
Fitneff invents the WalkTop Desk that fits most treadmills

Get America Moving Again

Even with all of these great physical fitness inventions, nowadays, it is harder than ever to get people moving.  This modern generation is experiencing health problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression due to sitting too much.  Let’s make July 4th a call-to-action to get America moving again… or it will stop!

July 03, 2017 — Ron Bettin

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