Five places to use the WalkTop Treadmill Desk

There are many different areas in our life where we end up doing work. Sometimes we’re at home, sometimes we’re at a coffee shop, and a lot of times we’re at the office. But one thing that stays consistent no matter what location we’re in is that we are typically sitting while we work, which can get tiresome pretty quickly.

The WalkTop Treadmill Desk is a versatile unit that can be added to a variety of work spaces so that sitting doesn’t have to be your only option. Check out our top five places to put a WalkTop!


Conference Room

This one is a gimme. For us office dwellers, meetings are a necessity when it’s time to talk about big ideas or strategic direction, and so the conference room gets a decent amount of usage on a regular basis. By adding a WalkTop Treadmill Desk or two into the mix, you can turn your meetings into walking meetings! Your laptop and notebook can conveniently be on your desktop for the duration of the meeting while you get valuable steps into your day. Not only will this lower your risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but also help get your creative juices flowing for innovative business ideas.

Conference room office WalkTop Treadmill Desk  


Why not walk while you read? A WalkTop Treadmill Desk is the perfect addition to any library area so that reading no longer has to be a sedentary activity. Whether you’re flipping through a leisurely magazine or delving deep into a captivating novel, you can rest the book onto the desktop and incline the surface to an angle most comfortable for you. Both private and public libraries are great spaces to utilize the WalkTop. 

Library WalkTop Treadmill Desk


Common Office Area

This is where we keep our office WalkTop! If you work in a larger space that has a common area where people can mingle or collaborate on work projects, this is a great space for the WalkTop. Workers can be found here often and can easily take turns using the unit, which means the WalkTop will get a lot more use than if it were in a private space. In other words, by adding a WalkTop to your office common area, people can collaborate easily while improving health and increasing steps for the day.

Common Area office space WalkTop Treadmill Desk 

Home Office

The home office is probably one of the most ideal places to use a WalkTop. If you already have an existing treadmill at home, it’s easy to add the WalkTop unit to convert it to a fully functional desk area in your office. Since the WalkTop is easy to remove as well, you can always store it out of the way when you want to use your treadmill for running. Your home office could give you the freedom to sit, stand or walk while working in a matter of minutes.

Home office WalkTop Treadmill Desk 


Last but not least, a university is a great place to put the WalkTop! Students are constantly trying to find a seating area to work on major assignments, complete their weekly readings or finish studying for that big test. They’re also often overworked and running on low sleep, so the WalkTop is an ideal solution for both of these issues. It provides another available workstation to complete homework and also gets them walking to add vital movement into their days, which in turn boosts energy and mood.

University WalkTop Treadmill Desk 

Wherever you end up completing your work, try to find ways to make the process less sedentary. If you look around and think about it, the WalkTop Treadmill Desk can probably be added to most spaces, so get walking today!

October 05, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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