Five interesting studies on the benefits of walking WalkTop Treadmill Desk

Walking: It’s one of the simplest exercises available to human beings. It’s low impact and low cost, so almost everyone can do it. And yet, just by simply putting one foot in front of the other, some pretty incredible health benefits can come!

New research is coming out all the time on both the physical and mental health benefits of walking for a specified period of time per week. Knowing the power of walking, we are always thrilled and excited to read interesting research we come across related to its benefits. Check out five summaries of compelling research articles we found on walking and your health.


Walking and Decreased Mortality Rates

We have a big one to start off with: walking can help to reduce your risk of premature death. A 2017 study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine followed a group of 140,000 people, monitoring their activity levels. The study showed that even when participants walked less than the recommended amount (150 minutes per week), their mortality risk was lowered. Pretty cool hey?

Walking can reduce risk of mortality WalkTop 

Walking Can Cut Snack Cravings

Always reaching for those unhealthy snacks? Walking can help with that! According to a study from the University of Exeter, going for even a 15-minute brisk walk can help you cut your chocolate-eating habits by half, which is quite significant. Workers who regularly snacked on chocolate at their desk were tested in both low and high stress situations, and in both cases ate less chocolate after walking than the group that was at rest. No more reaching for that candy bar! 

Walking can cut snack cravings WalkTop Treadmill Desk


Walking and Improved Creativity

Not only is walking positive for your physical health, but also for your cognitive function! This study from 2014 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology engaged in four different experiments all related to the connection between walking and creativity. Across the board, walking proved to produce more creative ideas as opposed to sitting. Quoted directly from the article, “Walking opens up the free flow of ideas, and it is a simple and robust solution to the goals of increasing creativity and increasing physical activity.” Next time you’re looking for a big inventive thought, try taking a walk! 

Walking improves creativity WalkTop


Walking and Blood Flow to the Brain

Walking can benefit the brain physically too. In a 2017 study out of New Mexico Highlands University, scientists observed that the impact of the foot with the ground actually sent pressure waves to the arteries, which in turn increased blood flow to the brain. In other words, walking can actually physically increase the blood flow to your brain in a tangible cause and effect way, an effect which of course has a myriad of positive health effects. Get walking to keep your brain at its best! 

Walking improves blood flow to the brain WalkTop Treadmill Desk


Walking and Improved Mood

If you’re feeling a bit blue or drained during your day, this research suggests that a walk might be just the thing you need. This 2016 study shows that even walking on its own, outside of factors like outdoor nature or walking companions, can improve your mood and put you in a happier state. This is even true when you’re not expecting walking to make a difference; the purely physical act of walking is enough to give you a little boost. Don’t settle for a mediocre day – go for a walk and lift that mood! 

Walking improves mood WalkTop


With all of this research laid out, there’s no question that walking has some pretty incredible positive effects on your health. With the WalkTop Treadmill Desk, you can make walking a part of your daily working routine and reap the benefits as you go. Try walking and working today!

September 21, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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