Cool ways to use a Treadmill Desk WalkTop

The WalkTop Treadmill Desk is the perfect solution to a sedentary lifestyle so that you can walk and work instead of sitting for long hours. Most people associate the WalkTop with purely office-related tasks, like completing emails or working on documents, which of course the WalkTop is great for. But did you know that you can use it for other, more leisurely activities too? If you’re unsure of how you could use your WalkTop, check out our list of five cool activities you can do while walking!



Next time you’re settling in with your favorite novel, why not hop on the WalkTop instead? With the expansive desk, you can rest your book down and enjoy the storyline while getting in your steps for the day in a low impact and easy way. The WalkTop can also incline to a variety of angles, so you can rest your book in a way that’s most comfortable for you. So whether it’s a novel, a magazine or a non-fiction biography, you can read and walk at the same time.

Reading with Treadmill Desk

Computer Games

If you’re a gamer, this one is for you. Using your laptop for gaming might be one of your favorite leisure activities when you have down time, but if you’ve already been sitting for the entire day at the office, it isn’t great to add even more prolonged sitting in your evenings. With the WalkTop, you can pop your laptop on the desktop and game all you want without increasing your health risks associated with sedentary behaviors. Even if you want a break from walking for a little bit, the WalkTop can function as a great standing desk as well when the treadmill is stopped.

Computer Games with Treadmill Desk WalkTop


Adult Coloring

Looking for a way to destress? Adult coloring is a huge trend that helps people to relax and unwind after a long stressful day. Similarly, walking has been known to clear the mind and produce key hormones that lift the mood and destress your body. So why not combine them both? With the WalkTop you can set your coloring book on the desk surface and color away will gently walking. You’ll feel rejuvenated in a matter of minutes. 

Adult coloring on the WalkTop Treadmill Desk


Video Calls

We’ve mentioned before that the WalkTop is great for video conference calls, but the same goes for personal video calls! If you have a loved one who is either travelling or living far away from home, the next time you set up a Skype date you can walk and talk together! Again, with the large desk area on the WalkTop you can simply place your laptop down and enjoy walking and talking with a hands-free experience.

Video call while using WalkTop Treadmill Desk



And last but not least – editing! If you’re a professional writer in some capacity, or a teacher who does a lot of marking, or simply like to write as a hobby, there’s typically a lot of editing that comes along with those things as well. So next time you need to do some serious revising, why not get in your daily steps at the same time?


Editing WalkTop Treadmill Desk


The ways to use your WalkTop are endless. Next time, try one of your favorite activities while walking and kick those sedentary habits!

August 10, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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