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Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Does this sound like your day?

It’s common with an office job to have many meetings scheduled throughout your day, which can often be quite exhausting. But, on the other hand, meetings can be a valuable collaboration tool, and face-to-face communication is often key to the proper functioning of the organization. So the question then becomes, how can we make meetings more engaging and productive so that they’re used to their fullest potential?

The answer is simple: walking meetings! Walking meetings can revitalize your old routine into something much more healthy and productive. Check out five benefits of walking meetings below!


1) Adds More Movement

We’ll start with the obvious: opting for a walking meeting rather than a traditional conference table one gets you moving and reduces your sedentary time during the day. A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a wide variety of health risks, and many of us spend the majority of our time at work sitting. By implementing a routine walking meeting, you’ll lower your risks associated with prolonged sitting and feel re-energized for the remainder of your day.


2) Increases Creativity

Walking has been proven to increase creativity when compared to sitting. I don’t know about you, but it makes sense to me that while you’re in an important, high-level meeting where you’re trying to brainstorm strategic direction or new ideas, you’re going to want your team to be at their most creative. So if walking stimulates those neurons and gets the creative juices flowing, why not try it at your next meeting to get the most innovative ideas possible?


3) Decreases Hierarchy

Often in meetings there is one person leading the discussion at the front of the room, and often that person is higher up in the organization. While having a leader is necessary and helpful to make the meeting flow, having such clear hierarchal divisions can discourage some attendees from participating. During a walking meeting, on the other hand, participants are typically beside each other, allowing greater collaboration and dispelling some of the nerves that often come along with speaking in front of a larger group. This means that colleagues who were once too scared to share their great idea may just find the courage in a walking format!


4) More Stimulating

Have you ever been sitting in a meeting around a table feeling utterly bored, thinking to yourself that you might fall asleep at any second? Yeah, us too. As necessary as some meetings can be, others can often feel tedious and seem to drag on forever. With a walking meeting, you’ll feel stimulated and alert due to the physical exercise, making it much more likely that you’ll provide meaningful input to the conversation.


5) Allows Fresh Air

Conference rooms can often feel stuffy and stifling, particularly if you have to be in there for extended periods of time. Walking meetings, on the other hand, open up the opportunity to take in some fresh air and sunshine outside while still being productive. Even if the weather isn’t cooperating and you need to keep your walking meeting indoors, you’re still getting more air flow that will help you keep alert and refreshed for the day.

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If you weren’t convinced before, you must be by now! Walking meetings are a perfect addition to any work day to get in movement while maintaining productivity. With the WalkTop Treadmill Desk, you can have a walking meeting any time of the day! Start adding steps into your work flow today.

November 02, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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