5 Ways Walking can Boost Productivity

According to research, the average person sits for 9.3 hours in a day. This has led to the popular adage that “sitting is the new smoking.” As a result, more and more desk job employees are working to integrate a better routine at work. Among the ways to a better working lifestyle is walking at work and using the WalkTop.

Using the WalkTop helps you to remain active as you handle your daily tasks. Instead of sitting for the entire day, a WalkTop lets you benefit from the independence of walking.  The stylish and adjustable desk lets you exercise and work at the same time. You are therefore more attentive as your feet and hands are active, and thus are more productive with your time throughout the day.

Apart from obvious productivity that comes from combining activity with work, there are several other benefits that come from walking at work as well. We’ve outlined five benefits for you below:

1. Reduces stress

How do you deal with stress at work? Do you shut down and freeze, feeling completely burnt out?

There is a better way to handle pressure and stress at work, and that is by walking around.  Studies have linked walking to stress reduction. If you are under pressure to deliver a project and you are feeling stressed, consider taking a break from your workstation to walk around. Engaging in an activity such as walking during work hours can help distract your mind from the distressing concerns while offering you a sense of disconnection from your current work pressure.

2. Promotes creativity

It is no doubt that at some point in life, you have wanted to have fresh ideas. Sometimes it can be difficult to think straight or be creative. A study by Stanford researchers discovered that taking a walk improves your creative inspiration. According to this research, the creativity levels of individuals who walked at work was high as compared to that of those who sat; specifically, the creativity output of a person rises by 60% when walking. Whether you are walking indoors or outdoors, your creativity is higher as compared to a person who is sitting. Taking a walk on your WalkTop might be the solution to your project completion.

3. Boosts focus and attention

Like anyone else, you too are trying to be as productive as possible while being conscious about your health when working. Walking is one way to improve your focus and thus increase productivity. Sitting at your desk while gazing at the screen the entire day exhausts your attention resources. As a result, the brain stops recording your surroundings and duties due to a lack of stimulus. But if you step away from your working station and walk around the office, you will experience different setting to re-engage and reset your mind. When you get back to your desk, you have a fresh perspective and therefore focus, productivity and attention all increase.

4. Gives you time to connect with co-workers

Walking around the office is an excellent way to clear some of the work concerns from your head. It offers you a great chance to socialize with co-workers. If you are a manager, you set a good example walking at work and checking on your juniors. When your subordinates see you strolling around and spending a few minutes to talk to them, they get the encouragement to do a great job. This increases their productivity as they see you as a friendly boss.

5. Encourages good time management habits

A healthy person's brain can focus for 90 minutes only. Taking breaks to walk around can help you to avoid suffering exhaustion while maintaining your productivity level. Walking at work gives you time to focus on your priorities instead of wasting time doing other insignificant tasks. It lets you make the most of out of the time you could have spent on less productive activities; instead of going for a coffee break, walking saves you time.


Walking at the office is the best exercise you can do to improve your productivity while being conscious of your health as well. Your mind gets engaged and distracted from the stressing tasks you are handling, and hence you get back to work refreshed.


May 04, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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