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Days at the office typically mean long hours of sitting at a desk completing daily tasks. While desk work is often necessary to the job, by the end of the day it’s common to feel exhausted, burnt out and just plain restless from being still for so long. 

Adding walking into your routine at work is a great way to avoid those end-of-day symptoms. But with all of the tasks that you need to get done, you might be wondering how you can make walking more into a reality. Well, we’re here to help! Check out five easy ways that you can incorporate walking into your daily work routine:


Take the Stairs

Do you have an office on a high floor of a skyscraper? Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator! While this may seem daunting at first, it’s a great way to start your day with a bit of movement and set yourself up for a productive morning. If your office floor is much too high to climb to on the first go, try taking the elevator to a floor a few beneath yours and the stairs the rest of the way; this is a nice compromise to still get you moving without completely killing yourself first thing in the morning. Even if your office isn’t in a high-riser, make a general rule for yourself to take stairs whenever you can, whether it be on your way to getting lunch or leaving the train station at the end of the day. 

Take the stairs at the office WalkTop Treadmill Desk


WalkTop Treadmill Desk

Of course – how could we not mention the WalkTop! With the WalkTop Treadmill Desk, you can incorporate walking seamlessly into your workflow. Rather than having to take a break from your task, simply grab your laptop and hop onto the treadmill to get those legs moving! By taking a few turns on the WalkTop throughout the day, your legs won’t feel restless or stiff by the end of your shift. Instead, you’ll feel energized and accomplished, ready for a pleasant evening outside of the office. 

WalkTop Treadmill Desk USA


Go for a Walk at Lunch

The lunch hour doesn’t have to be spend eating a meal at your desk. In fact, a desk lunch can actually harm your productivity and make you feel more stagnant when you return to work, while a walk can get you through that midday slump with flying colors. Make the choice to use half of your lunch break to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and walk some of that extra energy off. Even short breaks can be utilized for a brisk walk around the block to clear your head and reset your brain.

Walking on lunch break WalkTop Treadmill Desk


Walking Meeting

Rather than sit around that conference table for hours at a time, why not switch it up with a walking meeting? If you’re discussing strategy or brainstorming ideas for a project, a walk can be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing amongst your team. Many big-time execs have been known to implement this strategy in their business, including Steve Jobs. So not only will this method get more steps into your day and improve your health, it might also bolster your business growth. 

Walking meeting WalkTop Treadmill Desk


Take the Long Way Around the Office

Last but not least, try taking the long way around the office for that next cup of coffee! Whenever you need a glass of water, a cup of joe, a conversation with a co-worker or a bathroom break, get creative to add more steps in. Don’t take the shortcut, but instead add a few paces into your trip or take that extra lap around your office before returning to your desk. These mini breaks will add up to a lot of steps throughout the day, thus reducing your risk of health issues associated with sedentary behaviour.

Walk the long way around the office WalkTop Treadmill Desk 

With these five tips, you’ll be getting your recommended 10,000 steps a day in no time. Happy walking!

October 19, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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