Meet Tiffiny Lai, Senior Manager Events & Promotions, North America

Tiffiny Lai

Senior Manager Promotions and Events, North America
Tiffiny has 5 years of sales experience and a background in sports and event marketing, communications and community relations. Tiffiny’s work in the sports and fitness industry includes professional sports experience with the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Football Club. Tiffiny held roles in Community Relations, Player Programming, Basketball Development, and Camps and Clinics. Tiffiny is a Graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University and has a Post-Graduate diploma in Sports and Event Marketing from George Brown College. Tiffiny was recognized at George Brown with the Future Women in Sports Business Award. The award is presented to the graduate of the Sports and Event Marketing program who best demonstrates a commitment to advancing sports marketing and to being a voice for women in the industry. Tiffiny has been dedicated to health, wellness, and physical activity for over 7 years. Over those years, she has been a Certified Fitness and Wellness Instructor and a NCCP Level 1 Basketball Coach. In addition to coaching sports and multi-level fitness classes, Tiffiny is training for her first Figure Competition in 2015.

Q&A with Tiffiny

Q: How do you manage to be fit and efficient? And what advise can you give to others?
A: Managing my nutrition, fitness, and sleep are all essential to being fit and efficient. Every person knows their schedule and can manage to include a healthy dose of each. When I want to kill two birds with one stone however, I make sure that I hop on our WALKTop treadmill desk and continue my work there. This station is fantastic for keeping active and moving while being productive as well. Best advice would be: If something was easy, then everyone could have it. Work hard for something you want to achieve because in the end, it will be worth it.
Q: Favourite Physical Activity?
A: I have a few: Going to the gym (weight training, strength and conditioning). I like learning more about Olympic weight lifting. Power yoga. Hot yoga.
Q: Favourite Sport to Play?
A: Basketball/ football
Q: Favourite muscle on your body?
A: Deltoids and glutes
Q: Favourite muscle group to work out?
A: Glutes, Hams, Quads
Q: Least favourite exercise?
A: Prowler Push
Q: Fitness Regime?
A: Fascial stretching followed by muscle/weight training, strength and conditioning, and to finish, cardio (HITT (high intensity interval training cardio) or a high resistance power walk.
Q: Favourite healthy snack?
A: Quest Protein Bar, Rice cakes with peanut butter, sliced bananas and cinnamon, protein smoothie with fruit, Greek Yogurt, Raw Almonds.
Q: Best time to work out?
A: Either morning or night as long as I get it in or else I just won’t feel good.
Q: Favourite guilt food?
A: Flavoured popcorn and chocolate covered almonds.
Q: Best quality about yourself?
A: Passionate and enthusiastic: Always holding myself accountable and others accountable with goals in fitness. I continue to learn and strive to improve mentally and physically because there is always room to grow and learn.
Q: Best quality that others would say about you?
A: Strong work ethic, determined, extremely coachable, humble, honest, hardworking, passionate, natural leader.
Q: How many glasses of water do you drink a day?
A: 1 glass of glutamine powder with water when I wake up. 6 to 7 plain glasses of water.
Q: One food you despise?
A: I don’t know! I like everything. Maybe bitter melon – have you ever tasted that? It’s awful!
Q: One food you cannot live without?
A: Fruit
December 03, 2014 — Angelique McKenzie

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